Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Ranch Readiness Day, An Outing to Vegan Republic, Spa Day for Donkeys and Bunnies and Other Riveting News at the Lazy Vegan!

Now that I'm only posting the blog every two weeks, I don't get to represent every little thing that has been going on!  One of the "little things", though, was the fact that we gave up on trying to keep the window seat cushions from being chewed on by Miz Wasabi.  We just took them out and turned the whole area into a bunny playground.  I may have mentioned this on the last blog post.  The bunnies LOVE it.  And it frees up the rest of the living room for the humans, too!  Although, of course, the bunnies can still hop wherever they please!

In the evenings, I take most of the things down from the window seat and spread it around the living room for even more fun.  Spoiled buns.

Wasabi still loves to hang out in the kitchen.
It is the season for the annual return of Mower Man!

Silly Wasabi.

The tale of two tails!

 With Snap in downtown Forestville after a trail walk!

My friend Cathy had the great idea of going to Ranch Readiness Day at the fairgrounds - where we learned everything we need to know about protecting animals during a fire and other disasters.

It was a very well-done event and made me feel totally unprepared for the worst!

Had a fantastic time with my bunny friends going to Berkeley to check out the Vegan Republic (a great store where 100% of the profits goes to Animal Place, a farmed animal sanctuary).

Of course I had to buy this "Ferocious vegan" t-shirt of a bunny!
Waiting for lunch at the very popular all-vegan "The Butcher's Son" deli!

Auntie Cathy came over with hubby Bill to meet the donkeys and to trim the bunnies' nails!

Barn dweebs!

 Nail trimming time!

 That FACE.
Cathy always does an amazing job.  It would take me eons (and would take two people!).
 Farrier day!  The same day that the bunnies got their nails trimmed!  Spa day for everyone.

 Paco gets a hug afterwards!
 Walkies beforehand (and chowing down on some roses!),

Paco observed Cinco de Mayo!!