Monday, January 29, 2018

The Women's March, Grooming Day at SaveABunny and Birthday Brunch at the Lazy Vegan!

It has been a busy couple of weeks!  Loved going to the Women's March in Sebastopol with Snap where we rocked our pink hats and joined a parade down Main Street!

Spent a day grooming bunnies at SaveABunny rescue with the bunny gals.  So many bunnies needing homes and so hard to leave empty-handed!  I especially loved cuddling an endearing little skinny fellow named Water Man. 

And had a super fun early birthday brunch with bunny friends!  Yep, tomorrow I turn (GASP) fifty-three!  The years keep on going on and I keep on going!

Our reflection in the bank window during the Women's March!
Snap wore the hat Andree made and I wore a hat made by someone on Instagram who sent it to me for free for last year's march!

Ran into my awesome yoga teacher!

Back at home with this ridiculous donk.
Rufus watches the donkeys eating breakfast.
Bunnies being bunnies!

A double rainbow!  I tried to upload a video of this rainbow with the donkeys but couldn't do it.  So just imagine donkeys watching the rainbow!
Evening buns.

 "Auntie Cathy" came over to trim the bunnies' nails and say hi to the donks!

At SaveABunny in Mill Valley.

With Water Man!

So many bunnies!

Got to hold a baby bunny!!
Be still my heart - an adorable wire fox terrier Snap and I saw while at Taylor Maid coffee.

Chowing down at my early birthday brunch with the bunny gals (minus my friend Lynda, who was sick)!

Life is pretty tough for this cuties.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Moving into 2018 with Remembering Dan at the Lazy Vegan

It is hard to believe we have had two weeks of 2018 already!  And today marks the fourteenth anniversary of Dan's passing.  Snap and I went to see John Edward, the psychic medium (thanks for the early b-day gift, Snap!) - always an inspiring event even if we didn't get messages directly meant for us.  

This past week Miz Wasabi stopped eating and off to the vet we went where it was discovered she has a double ear infection!  So she's on antibiotics for a month - it is no easy task to give meds twice a day to a rabbit.  So far she's taking it mixed in a piece of banana but she's suspicious and I don't know how long that will last.  As a last resort it will be forced feeding by syringe in the mouth which is no fun for anyone!

A little photo video in memory of Dan, above. (Play with sound).

Ran into my friend Cathy and her husband while out at Taylor Maid Coffee with Snap!

How did I spend the first day of 2018?  With a vegan and gluten free pancake breakfast after a long morning walk!
And bunnies under my feet.
Then an outing to the beach with the foreman!

And lunch out!

And a visit from Kim!
Gorgeous day on New Year's Day.
Lounging buns.
 Paco selfie!
 The little duo.

 At the vet!  Rufus of course went along for moral support.

 Stretching paws at the vet.

It's a long time to be cooped up in their carriers!
 Rufus was not pleased about it.

 Recovering back home!