Sunday, February 18, 2018

Visiting a new farm sanctuary, HOPPY Valentine's Day and more at the Lazy Vegan!

Getting caught up with the blog again!  In the past few weeks I visited a new farm sanctuary in Sebastopol with my friend Cathy where we were both smitten with all the animals - especially a young jersey calf named Ranger!  There were also pigs, alpacas, a donkey, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys,emus and plenty of goats! I am really impressed with the young couple who run the place - it looks like a lot of hard work.  

The donkeys and bunnies enjoyed extra treats on Valentine's Day (and extra hugs and kisses!).  And I got a new load of hay - the hay hasn't been that great this year so I've been taking the truck to get bales myself versus having them delivered so I can inspect them first!  

HEE haw!!  With Paco, of course.
The professional loungers.

This is big news:  even though the "new" bathroom has been here for over three years now, Rufus just recently started to explore it - and now he is obsessed with it!  Constantly going in and out and around the claw foot tub.  It is too cute!

The night guard bunnies.
Snap and I on one of our downtown outings!

Chowing down at Slice of Life with Cathy!

The climber!
With Ranger the young jersey calf!
Cathy with the alpacas.
The young couple who run the place!

The emus!
And Whisper the donkey!

 I thought these texts were funny - Cathy went to one feed store to inspect the hay and I went to another and we compared notes!

 I only got eight bales.  Still not great hay.
 Morning walkies.
 Hilarious selfie with Snap and Jennie!
 I love this photo!  Snap and I always run into this guy in Sebastopol and he's great.
 Another selfie at Taylor Maid coffee.

 My neighbor visited the donks and buns this week and she is a hoot!  She's a tad scared of the donkeys but is getting braver every time.  We celebrated the donkeys belated birthdays!!  I cannot believe they are both eleven!

A co-worker took this photo of us on Valentine's Day!
 HOPPY Valentine's Day!

 Donkey cookies!

 They ate them right up.
Getting his beauty rest.

Also in the past few weeks I had a birthday!  Short video below of celebrating with my new cow umbrella!