Thursday, April 12, 2018

HOPPY (Belated) St. Patrick's Day, HOPPY (Belated) Easter and More at the Lazy Vegan!!

I have been very late with the blog lately due to a frustratingly slow internet connection for downloading photos at home!  This week I thought I figured out a new and faster system and then actually erased nearly all of the photos from my iPhone!  HENCE, this will be a short post but I now hope to be back up to regular posts every two weeks!  
This rabbit can nap anywhere, anytime.
The napping duo.
HOPPY St. Patrick's Day from Paco!
Enjoying a soy latte and oatmeal with the works in downtown Sebastopol with Snap!

Cathy came to visit the buns and donkeys recently.

Of course we both just happened to be wearing bunny socks!
Napping with one ear up!
Wasabi in a yoga pose.
It hasn't been all holidays and fun - had my car broken into this past month and my purse with everything in it stolen!  Thief was kind enough to toss my iPhone (so it wouldn't be tracked) and the police found it in a ditch.
Post dinner lounging!

Had a couple of opportunities to wear my bunny costume - here I am practicing at home for a bunny event in Santa Rosa!
The foreman practiced, too.
The bunnies were not that enthused.
At the bunny education event in Santa Rosa with Cathy!

And a bunny from SaveABunny!
I got a five minute break on the hour so I could breathe!

Kids either loved me or were terrified of me.

One of the things in my stolen purse were my prescription eyeglasses.  So I bought some new frames that I'll soon have filled with prescription lenses!  Love the color and pattern of these.

Rufus plans his next move.
 Getting ready to nibble the bed post!
 Did some campaigning on Easter Day for the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act with Deb and Cathy!

 Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act calls for a requirement that all pork and veal sold in California be produced without restrictive crates, and that all eggs produced and sold in the state be cage-free. It would make California the only state other than Massachusetts, which passed similar legislation last year, to have such regulations on farm animal welfare.

 Eating lunch at Slice of Life afterwards!
Rufus and his buddy.
 Easter morning with Snap!

 The bunnies had a very HOPPY Easter egg hunt!
 And Paco was a good sport and wore some bunny ears!
 Had a great visit with Patty (HOPPY belated birthday, Pate!!) - love this photo of the three of us!