Sunday, April 21, 2019

HOPPY Easter, Hoppy Belated St. Patrick's Day and Everything Else Since the Last Post!

So much for my commitment to post more frequently!  It has been months since my New Year's Day post and a lot has happened!  Here, likely to be out of order, is a photo document of some of the events and cuteness that life has presented.  I am determined to get back to schedule - I love being able to use to the blog as a bit of a journal to look back on!

A very mellow holiday hanging out with the animals and then with Snap, where we donned our bunny ears to walk downtown for breakfast and to the Farmer's Market!

 Of course I bought carrots at the Farmer's Market.

Holiday fun!

 At Coffee Catz cafe!
 The buns were very unenthusiastic about their annual vegan egg hunt.

 Showing off my red dress by the red barn.
 Paco ready for Spring.
 Up to his usual antics!

 St. Patrick's Day with Snap!

 And more lounging.
 My boy.

 Another Sunday at the Barlow!
 Ready for the Apple Blossom parade with the Humane Society!

 Very relaxed under the kitchen table.

 At an animal rights demonstration!

 Vegan brunch with the bunny gals!

 The foreman with his awesome new rock garden project!

OMG!  Rufus has his photo in a great article written in VegNews by my friend, Tara!

 Finally bought one of Amy's paintings earlier this year and we LOVE it.