Saturday, May 18, 2019

Happy Birthday to Snap, Happy Mother's Day and More at the Lazy Vegan!

 Too much fun going on lately!  We celebrated Snap's 82nd birthday and Mother's Day weekend with the traditional walk downtown to browse in shops (and try on a crazy wig!) and dine at the fun Mexican restaurant we always go to.  Despite recovering from her bout with food poisoning on her trip to New Mexico, Snap was as spry as a woman half her age as we wandered around town. Here's to many more active years ahead!!

 Trying on a crazy wig at Funk and Flash.

 Martha's Mexican Restaurant!

 Check out the vegan sticker!
 Saying hello to the cow.

 The Barlow was having a street fair fundraiser to help flood victims.

 Gorgeous botanical backdrop at California Sister!

 Vegan chocolate birthday cake!

 Quality time with Paco.
 Couch boy.
 The togetherness!!
 Door hop.
 A great visit with Andree!

 It always cracks me up to come into the kitchen to see Rufus waiting on a chair!
 Farrier visit!

 I put rose petals on Paco's back for his "spa day".

 Cathy came over to hang out with the donkeys and trim the buns' nails!

 Rufus getting ready for the dreaded nail trim.

The boys love their auntie Cathy!
 Couch boy again!
 Always happy to see Wasabi eating lately.  She has definitely entered her senior years with several elder bun issues going on - one day at a time.

 Love this photo of Snap taken in New Mexico with a piggy!
 Dearest Luigi.
 With Snap' on Mom's Day!

 Free ice cream sundae for moms if you came along with your kid!  So I was the kid and Snap got the sundae (I had some vegan chocolate ice cream!).

 Snap and Ruth Bader Gingsberg.
 Kisses for Paco.
 Lately Wasabi isn't finishing her salad all at once - so I give her the left over greens later.

 So much fun hanging out with these guys!

 Chair bunny!
 His adorableness.

Snuggle time with the foreman.